Appeal for funds for Sone Ki Chidiya rally against tyranny, and to demand Total Reform

Date of fund raising request: 16 May 2013

Funds received to date from this appeal and that of April 2013: Click here to view.

Purpose: To request urgent contributions (at least Rs. 5 lakhs) to Freedom Team of India (FTI) to help organise a public rally and public event to demand good governance on 4 June 2013.

FTI, founded in July 2009, is a forum for policy, strategy, and leadership development, focused on the defence of life and liberty in India. Its members will lead India, through elections, to unprecedented prosperity.

Soné Ki Chidiya (SKC) Total Reform Movement was launched by FTI on 26 January 2013. In March 2013 it was supported by a Trust (Soné Ki Chidiya Federation), and a number of organisations have joined it, starting with the National Reform Summit organised at Haridwar from 5-8 April 2013.

SKC is a broad-based movement for everyone in India. Its platform (and membership) is available to everyone who wants liberty and good governance in India, based broadly on a VisionSKC movement will work to deliver good governance to India, to put the era of corruption and injustice behind us and start achieving our potential as a nation. Sone Ki Chidiya is what India was in the past and what it will be in the future.

FTI is the Secretary to the Federation. We are keeping no membership fee for the SKC Federation in the first year. This will encourage people and organisations to join and work together. We are responsible for ensuring we have successful event on 4 June as part of the work of the movement.

Funds for the 4 June event

The 4 June event needs funds to arrange logisitics for thousands of farmers who have to be brought to Delhi from nearby districts. We also need funds for the stage, the banners, and a lot of related paraphernalia. At least Rs.5 lakhs is urgently needed.

Suggested minimum contribution is Rs.5,000 but smaller contributions will also be accepted. Please contribute generously.

Ultimately, it is a choice for all Indians: pay an endless series of bribes for the whole of one's life, or pay to change the system through the democratic process. Changing India will not be cost-less.

How to donate to FTI:

i) Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to FTI, and all contributions will need to be made in Indian rupees electronically into FTI’s bank account.

ii) FTI will publish the names of all its donors, and the amounts they have donated.

Account Details

Payee Name: Freedom Team of India

Bank name:  Axis Bank

Payee Account number:   909020039016803

Payee Account Type:  Current Account

Payee Branch/Branch code:  Indore (043)

NEFT code / IFSC code:  UTIB0000043

If you have any questions about this, please write to Supratim Basu at or at

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