Blog readers in Delhi: Please mark this lecture on Chanakya in your diaries

Balbir Sihag is visiting Delhi next month and will speak at the India International Centre at 5 pm on 15 November 2012 on Chanakya's work.

There is perhaps no greater expert on Chanakya's economic ideas than Balbir Sihag.

Prof. Sihag is happy to have young people attend the lecture. He believes that the older generation should pass on dharmic values and not ill-gotten wealth to the young."

I'm not sure if Arthashastra is understood even by Hindu leaders like Baba Ramdev. If they had understood Arthashastra, they would have promoted good policies for India, not mindless Jan Lokpal or other punitive solutions.

Anyway, please do attend this lecture if you can.

It would be good if you can send me an email confirming your participation so I can inform the organisers. There might not be enough places, so the sooner you let me know the better.