FTI Draft Policies on Jan Lokpal and Electoral Reforms

Dear All: I am posting below 2 recent draft policies by Freedom Team of India for discussion and comment. The first one if on the Jan Lokpal Bill and the second on Electoral Reforms. Pl do read, share and comment. Thanks.
The position of the Freedom Team of India on the Jan Lokpal Bill

FTI has agreed to the following draft position on the Lokpal Bill (all FTI documents are draft documents, subject to ongoing improvement).
1. What is the Freedom Team of India?
The Freedom Team of India (FTI) is a team of leaders who will, with …

Dear Chetan, you are wrong. We don’t need to do an expose on ourselves..

…or look within. We need to think.
Dear Chetan, earlier today, I chanced upon your column in ToI, “We the Shameless”. You started your piece by saying: “It’s time to stop blaming just our politicians for corruption and look within”. You went on to write, “..organisations like the IAC should also send out the message that it is a lack of values within us..that has turned India corrupt” And in your concluding paragraph, you said: “it is time we did an expose on ourselves”
That was what tipped me over.
Frankly, I’m sick …

Of “Rights”, Parliamentary Committees, Sh Raja & Sh Kalmadi..

This is a very hurried post..but something I felt must be recorded and highlighted..I am practically seething with anger as I write this..These thoughts were triggered by this caustic tweet from Darshak Hathi:
Public memory is very short. No wonder Kalmadi, Raja in parliamentary Committe…
This prompted me to dig a bit more. I had not heard of Raja and Kalmadi being part of this expansion. I an not sure how many of you realised when this happened..It was almost a month ago – in a bit of news that I had …

“धर्मं-संकट”: Should I pay the bribe? A real-life ethical dilemma

Last week, a long-time reader of the blog (and someone who I know; lets just call him HV) sent me an email asking for advice on how to deal with a “धर्मं -संकट “. His was a real-life ethical dilemma..something I suspect millions of Indians face everyday. He wrote (emphasis added):
I’m in a dharma-sankat! I just moved to India and am very concerned about an ethical dilemma I’m facing almost every week.
How do you manage the problem of bribes one has to pay to the government employees for almost every …