Fully support Arvind’s Citizens Lokpal. Let citizens pay for this Lokpal and let all parties use it.

FTI has a strong disciplinary process but we did not have the kind of resources (and vision, perhaps) to propose a private Lokpal. I'm delighted to hear that Arvind has created an Internal Lokpal for his party. I'd like to suggest that he institutionalise this Lokpal. I dislike the idea of a government funded Lokpal. […]

FDI is merely one per cent; the tip of the iceberg of reforms needed in India

Came across an article by article by Sajjid Chinoy of J.P. Morgan that outlines the benefits of FDI but also points out (rightly) that this is only the tip of the reform imperative. Take the case of multibrand FDI. With food inflation averaging a staggering 10 per cent over the last seven years why haven’t we seen a supply response? Put differently, if the terms of trade have finally turned so decisively in favour of agriculture — and away from industry — why haven’t we seen more investment? […]

China deserves every bit of its success. I congratulate its leaders. But shame on India.

A few paras from an article in The Australian, today (by an experienced senior businessman who was former chairman of Deutsche Bank, the Australian Securities Exchange and the ABC), caught my attention: I AM just back from Beijing. Its scale, amenity and civility are extraordinarily impressive, especially for a metropolis of 20 million people. It […]