The taxpayer will not subsidise. The consumer will pay only if happy. So what’s the problem with FDI?

It is truly depressing. I'm getting this strong urge to shut down my efforts and simply turn away from India. The stupid India government does ONE good thing in years, and there are MILLIONS of Indians crying "foul"! FDI is not even 100 per cent. Just 51 per cent. And yet there are people debating […]

India begins its next reform journey. Now for governance, training and regulatory reform.

I'm delighted to hear that FDI in retail, airlines and broadcast has been opened up by India. Very delayed, but never too late. Now it also the time for key governance reforms. a) Electoral reforms. Three simple reforms. b) Training reforms. Open up the VET sector (and partially subsidise) to foreign investment c) Regulation-making reforms: […]