The rise of India and China is NOT at the expense of the West. It is all about human liberty.

The West is rapidly fading even as the East is rapidly rising. The scale of change is large. As a result, there is significant angst in the West. For instance: A few months ago, the New York Times published a column by two distinguished commentators, Ian Bremmer and David Gordon, with the eye-catching title “Rise of the Different“. […]

Chanakya would have been shocked at the quality of populist leaders democracy throws up

Chanakya was a firm believer in merit. His writings are designed to impart political and economic education for those who rule India. He is comprehensive and detailed, the Shakespeare of political and economic philosophy: a genius in whose work we find new meaning each time we read it (I must admit I was sceptical about […]

The tip of the iceberg of Indian political funding

This is an excellent development: public discussion on political funding in India. I'm pleased that political party donations, being tax exempt, are now being subject to public scrutiny.  This development was long overdue.   Even though many of these contributions are questionable (being bribes, not voluntarily made), these funds are now "white" money.   But […]