Minutes of the 5th annual conference of the Freedom Team of India, held in Chandigarh

Download the minutes (in Word) from here. Photos are available in the Word version. A further set of photos can be downloaded from here. Minutes of the FTI Fifth Annual Conference, February 15 and 16, 2014 (Chandigarh) Venue – Hotel Sun Park, 40.5…

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Appeal for funds for Sone Ki Chidiya rally against tyranny, and to demand Total Reform

Date of fund raising request: 16 May 2013 Funds received to date from this appeal and that of April 2013: Click here to view. Purpose: To request urgent contributions (at least Rs. 5 lakhs) to Freedom Team of India (FTI) to help…

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The forgotten story of Kargil’s first hero and a tireless fight for justice..

There are times when words simply flow.. Writing in such moments of extreme lucidity is sheer pleasure..This happened to me last evening. The news that triggered this was one of joy but tinged with a great deal of sadness – and lots of anger too.
This is the forgotten story of Kargil’s first hero and a tireless fight for justice. This is the sad tale of Captain Saurabh Kalia. Some of you may be too young to remember the name and it may fail to ring any bells at all. But the story of …

FTI Draft Policies on Jan Lokpal and Electoral Reforms

Dear All: I am posting below 2 recent draft policies by Freedom Team of India for discussion and comment. The first one if on the Jan Lokpal Bill and the second on Electoral Reforms. Pl do read, share and comment. Thanks.
The position of the Freedom Team of India on the Jan Lokpal Bill

FTI has agreed to the following draft position on the Lokpal Bill (all FTI documents are draft documents, subject to ongoing improvement).
1. What is the Freedom Team of India?
The Freedom Team of India (FTI) is a team of leaders who will, with …