The forgotten story of Kargil’s first hero and a tireless fight for justice..

There are times when words simply flow.. Writing in such moments of extreme lucidity is sheer pleasure..This happened to me last evening. The news that triggered this was one of joy but tinged with a great deal of sadness – and lots of anger too.
This is the forgotten story of Kargil’s first hero and a tireless fight for justice. This is the sad tale of Captain Saurabh Kalia. Some of you may be too young to remember the name and it may fail to ring any bells at all. But the story of …

Humdrum, boring and so very unsexy..

When I think about water, I wonder why this topic does not get more attention. But I guess I should not be surprised.
Water is humdrum; so very unsexy. There is nothing titillating about it. It hardly arouses passion – or gets someone in frenzy. It has zero glamour. Frankly, it is quite boring. […]

Dear Chetan, you are wrong. We don’t need to do an expose on ourselves..

…or look within. We need to think.
Dear Chetan, earlier today, I chanced upon your column in ToI, “We the Shameless”. You started your piece by saying: “It’s time to stop blaming just our politicians for corruption and look within”. You went on to write, “..organisations like the IAC should also send out the message that it is a lack of values within us..that has turned India corrupt” And in your concluding paragraph, you said: “it is time we did an expose on ourselves”
That was what tipped me over.
Frankly, I’m sick …

4 Lakh illegal rickshaws, 6 Lakh illegal vendors and Why Politics Matters – even to Entrepreneurs

In an earlier post on entrepreneurship, I mentioned how “the “burden” of government can be very heavy – which is why it takes 11 steps on an average, to start a business in India. Not just that, these 11 steps take about 89 days on an average!  In that same post, I also wrote: “I have nothing against the government trying to help entrepreneurs. It should; it must”.  What exactly did I mean by that?
Did I mean that the government should give handouts to entrepreneurs – or somehow select potential …