FTI’s email and mailing list policy and process


[Quick link to Webmail (for users of freedteam.in accounts)]

The following policy and instructions are meant for (a) FTI office bearers and members and (b) FTI website administrators. This policy and instruction is publicly displayed for ease of reference of FTI members and administrators. It is not meant for use by the general public.

Email policy on freedomteam.in extension

FTI does not permit the use of any email originating from the freedomteam.in extension for personal purposes. Hence FTI members are encouraged to continue to use their gmail ID. That is the best way to ensure that all features available on FTI are fully available to them.

Use of such email IDs is therefore intended largely for official FTI correspondence with authorities or banks.  However, full FTI members (i.e. after full admission to FTI) may request an email ID with a freedomteam.in extension by supplying detailed reasons why they need such an ID and confirming that it will never be used for any personal purpose.

The following office bearers have been given an Email ID: Secretary and Treasurer with the freedomteam.in extension.

How to use FTI email (instruction for FTI office bearers)

FTI email can be used in two alternative ways. The first of these ways is recommended:

a) You can access webmail from any computer in the world by going to http://fti.sabhlokcity.com/webmail.  Your login is your email address and password, e.g. user@freedomteam.in and “yourpassword”.

You’ll find three web client (Horde, Squirrel Mail and RoundCube). For the most part, Horde is recommended (although it is quite ugly!). It has a fully featured HTML editor (you have to choose it when you want to use that feature), and you can send attachments up to 50MB in size. Some of its features do not work well (such as attachments). In that case you can use Roundcube for a particular email. Note that Horde allows you to use labels as well (check its options). A manual on using Horde is linked here.

b) Set up Gmail to receive and send freedomteam.in emails.  This can be done by going to Gmail settings : http://mail.google.com/mail/#settings/accounts and (i) creating a new ‘send mail as’ account for and (ii) adding POP3 email account for . Instructions for this are similar to instructions in option (c) below.  With that you can both receive email and reply AS – note you’ll have to pick the right option each time when you reply else you could accidentally reply from your gmail account.

c) Local email client: This is the case where you want to access your email on your local PC. Instructions on how to configure your client are available upon logging in to the webmail (or write to info AT freedomteam.in for help).

What can you do and what should you do when using freedomteam.in email?

a) You should change your password. When you log in to  http://fti.sabhlokcity.com/webmail you will immediately see, below the choice of e-mail clients, an option to change your password. You can also add forwarding options from there if you wish

b) You may delete any email that is no longer necessary, although it is not recommended. Note that a backup of all received email is automatically kept by FTI administrators.

c) You should always bcc. to each mail that you respond, so that a backup of your reply will then be maintained automatically. Else there is a possibility that a copy of your response may be lost.


How to set up new email ID

1. Log into Cpanel

2. Click on Email Accounts. Create the new account (make sure you select the correct domain/subdomain) and allot a password (send this information to the relevant user).

4. Go back to Cpanel and select Forwarders.

5. Set up a forwarder for that email ID to ftiarchive AT gmail DOT com.


Make sure that at least one admin backups up all files on the FTI mailserver each week.


FTI maintains a number of mailing lists.  These require separate login and backup process (to be detailed later).