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Latest strategy, June 30, 2013

FTI has published its latest strategy for public comment and awareness building on 30 June 2013. Please download it below. FTI invites your comments and seeks your support and participation in implementing this strategy.

FTI's working strategy (PDF | Powerpoint)

Previous strategy documents

Some elements of these documents may still be relevant.

FTI's political model

This One page document summarises what FTI aims to do. It is about FTI's political model and strategy.

Powerpoint slide show (summary of strategy)

FTI's strategy is outlined through these power point slides (about 300 KB). This draft is dated 13 November 2009 and is subject to improvement over the coming months.

Detailed strategy (Word document)

FTI's detailed strategy is presented in this Word document (280KB) dated 19 November 2009. As usual, all FTI documents are subject to revision/ amendment.


Please read the following blog posts by Sanjeev Sabhlok, that clarify FTI strategy: herehere, and here.

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