I call upon India’s Election Commission to deregister Congress and BJP on grounds of SYSTEMATIC criminality

When a private company (e.g Enron) becomes contaminated with criminal practices, it is shut down under the law.

I don't agree with Arvind Kejriwal and IAC that our job is to identify one corrupt person after another in each political party, and then get these individuals inquired into by a Lokpal, and then get them removed.

If evidence of systematic criminality is found in any public organisation (e.g. political party, not-for-profit entity, etc.) that entire organisation must be disbanded.

On grounds of systematic corruption, I ask the Election Commission to deregister both Congress and BJP.

These parties have long become the refuge of THUGS AND CRIMINALS. The criminality starts right from the top, in each case.

Why is the Election Commission sitting quietly and watching these parties loot India and break every law of the land (such as limits on electoral spending)?

I believe there is SUFFICIENT evidence that is WIDELY and READILY available, of systematic loot and violation of India's laws by senior members of these parties. Their internal party practices also only reward criminals.

EC has sufficient grounds to deregister these parties.

Let it perform its constitutional mandate and protect India from LOOTERS.