I mostly agree with Prashant Bhushan. But he now needs to understand Arthashastra.

Raghvendra, who was present at the Bangalore event (below) sent in this link.

I actually agree with 95 per cent of what Bhushan is saying. His description of crony capitalism prevailing in India is spot on.

So that's a good start: that both I and he AGREE that the loot of the country has increased since liberalisation occurred. And that it has been led both by Congress and BJP.

In BFN I explained that today is possibly ONLY for the corrupt to enter India's political system. That's basic economics.

And so I offered solutions to allow good people to enter politics.

But there was a full chapter devoted to the administration of the country (Chapter 5) and also a significant section devoted to how the political system will need to be reformed (Chapter 6).

The point that Bhushan doesn't understand is that when you ONLY allow the corrupt to enter AND you pay them very poorly, the you can expect SUPER-CORRUPTION.

That's where some basic knowledge of economics and public administration would have been good, but he is clearly unaware of these areas of human knowledge.

That's not a problem. He is a good man who wants to improve India. I'm happy to speak even with him (I was earlier reluctant to do so given his hardcore socialist views) to explain the ACTUAL process of functioning of capitalism. Not crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is ONLY possible under socialist regimes.

No, and no nationalisation please. Let me explain personally over the phone (assuming someone gives a copy of the blog post to Mr. Bhushan).