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Welcome to FTI! 

You are here because you are a leader. Leaders don't need to be told to do things. They just go ahead and do whatever they know needs to be done. Therefore, as part of a team of leaders with similar goals for India, you are expected to jump right in and start doing whatever you think needs to be done on FTI. If you find something missing on FTI, or some defect, point it out so it and get involved in fixing it. You must act on your beliefs. <

As a fist step ensure your biodata and contact details are provided on on the blog. This is not visible externally, but will help members to contact you.

Mechanics of working together

We communicate on FTI mostly on the Forum To log in, use the FTI Blog username/password emailed to you at the time of joining FTI. The Forum guide can help you understanding how to use the Forum: Also try this.

Make sure you have a GMAIL account!

It will give you access to the FTI Google Group (to which you can't post till you become full member, but you have access to all documents). On gmail, create a label for FTI using Set the label to archive the message (skip Inbox). Create a filter for FTI on gmail using . Now all mails from google group should go to label.

FTI has a number of other Google groups but most of these have moved to the Forum. Here's a list of the archival groups (some are still active): FTI Managers | FTI Backoffice | FTI Finance Committee | FTI ARMC | FTI Disciplinary Committee | FTI Adharshila |Adharshila Steering Committee | Freedom Partners FTI General BodyTowards a Great India | | FTI Future Leaders

Find out about other members. Get to know about them here, with more details once you log into the blog. Update your information also. For updating your information log into the blog using the username/password you should have received. Then go to "profiles" and fill up all relevant information.

How do I know what is going on? 

You have access to FTI's internal blogs (i.e. posts not made public). A number of guidelines are posted on these internal blogs. How do you find these? Log in to the FTI blog, click on 'posts' or 'edit' under Posts, and you'll find the list of FTI blog posts. Select 'FTI guidelines' under 'View all categories' box. That will take you to the key guidelines. 

Some tips!

Do take some time to read various documents and understand what is going on. Read about the draft internal processes and strategies, also available at FTI Google Group under 'files'. Most of that material is now uploaded on blogs, but a copy has often been kept there for convenience. 

Speak to someone from FTI: Mr. Shantanu Bhagwat has kindly agreed to speak to new members over Skype. Write to him at with the subject: "FTI new member: wish to talk" and arrange a suitable time to speak. You can also contact nearby FTI members over the phone, from the "contact us" page on the FTI website.

Mentoring/ buddy system: If you have questions please write to the person who vetted your application. He or she will provide you with more information. Alternatively, write to the main Forum. Your questions are valued but do show some concern for others' time by having done some homework yourself.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in many FTI activites. 

  • Apply to join FTI sub-groups (as you applied for FTI main group), e.g. join the team the Accounts Team of FTI that will manage our accounts as we establish and operate a Trust. Write about your interest to the person who vetted your application. He'll direct you approriately.
  • Help review/ update rules for the FTI Trust, such as membership rules. Read the FTI brochure carefully and propose changes where you feel it should be improved. Also review FTI's website and propose changes. Review all draft documents and propose changes (note everything published or proposed is only a draft until accepted by 1500 full members).
  • Write articles for the FTI magazine. We currently publish once in two months. This has become dormant since late 2010 and will depend on your efforts to resume. 
  • Read the draft policy development process blog, and start developing/proposing policy in a structured manner. Research world best policies and educate each other. Since FTI aims to implement world-best policies, members of the should spend 80% of their spare time reading up the best books and journals in the world. Educate other members on what you have learnt. Our job is to absorb the world's best ideas and to implement them. World-best policy cannot be delivered without knowing world-best research. Write articles on what you have learnt.
  • Work on the ground. This includes work through your own group/party/NGO but also starting groups like Freedom Partner groups or Adharshila
  • Participate in the fortnightly telephone meeting organised by FTI members, or organize extra meetings if necessary. Take minutes of these meetings. Contribute!
  • Suggest innovative ways to network.
  • Join/ link to the following public groups:

o        Youtube

o        Orkut

o        Facebook ('"Freedom Team of India" Supporters' Group)

o        Linkedin (search for and join the 'Capitalism and Freedom' Group)

o        Twitter

  • Write about FTI on your blog/s. That is one of the best ways to spread the message.
  • Add the FTI symbol on your blog – for examples, see: or


It is strongly recommended that FTI members subscribe to the following blogs

The sky is the limit on FTI. We depend on each other's commitment and support. Just jump in and DO whatever needs to be done.

[1] This information is work in progress and does not purport to fully cover the wide range of activities happening on FTI.



Version 1.02 [download id=”6″] Version 1.03 (with tracked changes) [download id=”19″]

[I’ve not created a Word document this time. Previous versions available on the system under relevant IDs noted above.Sanjeev 26 April 2011]


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  2. Also, can this post be edited to make it look better, please. It looks horrible currently! No offence meant – I am sure it was just cut and pasted. I can help to edit – but, can I edit it?


  3. Dear Supratim,

    Sure feel free to edit it and make it look better. All the FTI members have the rights to edit any Blog post. There is WYSIWYG editor on “Edit Post” page also you can copy/paste from MS Word also if you prefer that way.


  4. Dear All

    I had some time to review the New Member pack. I’ve updated the blog with the new version. The changes I’ve made are visible in the tracked changes version available on the blog. Please confirm you are happy with the changes. Please modify/amend as appropriate.

    The way to amend is this:
    a) First download the latest version of the Word document.
    b) Accept existing tracking.
    c) Make new tracked changes.
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    And you are done. Simple!


  5. Dear All

    I’ve changed the title of the Facebook of FTI from “Supporters of the Freedom Team of India” to “We want Freedom!”. Far more catchy and likely to bring in lost of young people.

    Could I suggest that the Orkut group’s title also be changed, accordingly? This will broaden the appeal of the message we have to bring. After all we are not really looking for people’s support for FTI. We are looking for people’s support of freedom.

    I’m making a note of this change here as it will require to be included in the next udpate of the new member pack.


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