Of VIPs and Deported Pakistanis, Believe it or Not – Part V

2 snippets of news, each unbelievable…The first, 

More than 2,000 Pakistani nationals are overstaying in Nagpur since 1995, despite the expiry of their visitors’ visa, an RTI query has revealed. As many as 9,705 Pakistani nationals had obtained visa for visiting Nagpur from the authorities for 30, 45, 60 and 90 days. About 2,546 Pakistani citizens came on visa for a longer duration and 533 of them were provided with Indian citizenship on their arrival here.

But about 2,013 Pakistani nationals did not return to their country and have been overstaying here, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch), which deals with such cases.
..Police admitted they have no information on names and contact addresses of Pakistanis staying here till 1994″ [source]

The second, probably even worse…From “Deported Pakistani zips around in VIP car

The Bombay High Court yesterday asked the police to produce details of the car used by Sayyed Waseem-ur-Rehman Shah, after being informed that the man has been using a red beacon on it. Shah has been under the scanner after inexplicably returning to India, in defiance of a court order.

…This newspaper had reported how this man had been living in Bhandup, even though a court order had deported him back to Pakistan in 2007

…On Sunday, MiD DAY had exposed how Shah had been caught on camera fraternising with Home Minister RR Patil, even though he had been informed that Shah was causing a law and order problem in the area
…Advocates Rajiv Patil and Ajit Kenjale also told the court that Shah had made inflammatory speeches in the past. “Currently Shah has cases pending against him in Sangli and Mumbai,” said Patil.”