FTI Draft Policies on Jan Lokpal and Electoral Reforms

Dear All: I am posting below 2 recent draft policies by Freedom Team of India for discussion and comment. The first one if on the Jan Lokpal Bill and the second on Electoral Reforms. Pl do read, share and comment. Thanks.
The position of the Freedom Team of India on the Jan Lokpal Bill

FTI has agreed to the following draft position on the Lokpal Bill (all FTI documents are draft documents, subject to ongoing improvement).
1. What is the Freedom Team of India?
The Freedom Team of India (FTI) is a team of leaders who will, with …

“Clean Politics” in India – Guest Post by Dipinder Sekhon

Dear All: It is my pleasure to publish this guest post by friend and FTI colleague, Dipinder Sekhon. In this post, Dipinder has identified a number of  ‘clean politics’ initiatives and compiled them in a list. He has also compiled a list of candidates with “clean” credentials who have been successful in electoral politics (mostly against massive odds).
I am grateful to Dipinder for this list – and making this a placeholder for all initiatives connected with “clean politics” and “clean candidates” in India.
*** “Clean Politics” in India – Guest Post by …