Vote on FTI’s revised stand on Loksatta and other liberal parties

FTI resolves that its members can join one of the following parties if they wish to pursue politics in advance of the 500 members assembling:
Tier 1 Party (totally committed to FTI's Sone Ki Chidiya reform agenda): Swarna Bharat Party
Tier 2 Parties: (Broadly liberal but where FTI members should influence towards SKC agenda)Swatantra Bharat Party and Navbharat Party
Tier 3 Parties: (Some liberal ideas, but not consistent and not to be directly supported. FTI members should either be able to change these parties towards SKC agenda and total integrity, or resign from these parties at the earliest): Bharat Uday Mission and Jago Party
Joining any party not listed above will lead to the automatic termination of FTI membership."

Do you agree to FTI's revised stand on Loksatta and other liberal parties?

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Total Voters: 7

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