Chanakya would have been shocked at the quality of populist leaders democracy throws up

Chanakya was a firm believer in merit. His writings are designed to impart political and economic education for those who rule India. He is comprehensive and detailed, the Shakespeare of political and economic philosophy: a genius in whose work we find new meaning each time we read it (I must admit I was sceptical about […]

The Golden Bird (India) was created on the foundations of worldly knowledge

Chanakya wrote three books: Arthashastra, Chankya Niti and Chanakya Sutras. The last of these has proved fertile source material for a number of modern management books (e.g. Ashok Garde's). As part of my studies on Hindu Capitalism, I'm first compiling key original Sanskrit texts with the intention of double-checking references. (Btw, I find that although […]

The tip of the iceberg of Indian political funding

This is an excellent development: public discussion on political funding in India. I'm pleased that political party donations, being tax exempt, are now being subject to public scrutiny.  This development was long overdue.   Even though many of these contributions are questionable (being bribes, not voluntarily made), these funds are now "white" money.   But […]

The desperate urgency to get more Indians to study India’s classical period

I've come recently to the realisation that I should perhaps have spent more time studying India's history and classical past. When I try to bridge the link between the basic fundamental concept of liberty and India, I find it increasingly necessary to weave India's history and culture into the story. That's why the Hindu Capitalism […]

Who is going to “regulate” the government? Markets. Here’s how.

In here talk Deirdre McCloskey said: Big Question: quis custodiet custodiem? Who is going to “regulate” the government, and “protect” us from government? I claim that markets do so. Governments reward the corrupt (both within government and in corporations). The huge bailouts in USA are a classic example. Those who worked hands-in-glove with government regulators […]

“धर्मं-संकट”: Should I pay the bribe? A real-life ethical dilemma

Last week, a long-time reader of the blog (and someone who I know; lets just call him HV) sent me an email asking for advice on how to deal with a “धर्मं -संकट “. His was a real-life ethical dilemma..something I suspect millions of Indians face everyday. He wrote (emphasis added):
I’m in a dharma-sankat! I just moved to India and am very concerned about an ethical dilemma I’m facing almost every week.
How do you manage the problem of bribes one has to pay to the government employees for almost every …