Urgent fund raising request: Rs. 2 lakhs needed for Sone Ki Chidiya movement

Date of fund raising request: 06 March 2013

Purpose: To request small contributions to Freedom Team of India (FTI) to support Sone Ki Chidiya, India’s total reform movement . 

FTI, founded in July 2009, is a forum for policy, strategy, and leadership development, focused on the defence of life and liberty in India. Its members will lead India, through elections, to unprecedented prosperity.

Soné Ki Chidiya (SKC) was launched as a concept for a new reform movement on 26 January 2013 by a few well-meaning individuals.

The purpose of SKC is to deliver good governance to India, so we can put the era of corruption and injustice behind us and start achieving our potential. Sone Ki Chidiya is what India was in the past. And what it will be in the future.

Initial work to conceptualise this movement is being done by a few interested individuals including by FTI. SKC is a broad-based movement for everyone in India. Its platform is available to everyone who wants liberty and good governance in India, based broadly on a draft vision.

Why this urgent need to raise funds?

These funds will be used to add to SKC awareness-building efforts currently underway, in preparation of the National Reform Summit in early April 2013. 

Your small contribution will help us reach out as widely as possible. Suggested minimum contribution of Rs.5,000 but smaller contributions will also be accepted. Please contribute generously. 

How to donate to FTI:

i) Only Indian citizens are eligible to contribute to FTI, and all contributions will need to be made in Indian rupees electronically into FTI’s bank account.

ii) FTI will publish the names of all its donors, and the amounts they have donated.

Account Details

Payee Name: Freedom Team of India

Bank name:  Axis Bank

Payee Account number:   909020039016803

Payee Account Type:  Current Account

Payee Branch/Branch code:  Indore (043)

NEFT code / IFSC code:  UTIB0000043

If you have any questions about this, please write to Anil Sharma at aks321@gmail.com.

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