Who can join the Freedom Team of India?

Step 1: Please read this document (and associated documents) first.

Step 2: After that, confirm your agreement with each of the requirements/conditions in the table below. Having done that, you will be taken to a simple application form for the submission. After your form is received by the Team, a Team member will get in touch with you. Please lodge your application only once. It may take some time for our members to respond to the application, given we are all volunteers, but we take care to get in touch with everyone as soon as we can. If you don't hear within 14 days please write to sabhlok at yahoo dot com.

AGE LIMIT: From 31 August, 2009, a new requirement has been imposed –  that to apply for FTI membership the applicant must be above the age of 21. Please ensure you meet the age requirement on the date of submitting your application.

Q. Do you agree with EACH of these? If not, then:
1 Goal of maximizing freedom.Do you agree that everyone's freedom must be maximized in a society so long as they are accountable? In particular, do you agree with these core beliefs? FTI advocates a classical liberal political philosophy and broadly supports the differences outlined by Samuel Freeman between the classical liberal view and the libertarian position.

You may want to read at least three of these four  readings (and others of this sort) to clarify and reconsider your views, and return to this page.

2 Must want to contest Parliamentary elections. Are you in-principle interested in contesting parliamentary elections, subject to a competent national Team being assembled, and resources raised? Note that your interest does not necessarily mean you will get to contest elections. Please prepare yourself to contest elections in the coming years, and then return.
3 Ability to work in a team. Are you willing to work as a team member and share the organizational responsibility? Please prepare to work in a team and to take on the organizational responsibilities, and then return.
4 Leadership aspiration. Are you prepared to work towards becoming a level 4 or 5 leader (cf. Jim Collins)? Please commit to leadership development and then return.
5 Leadership grooming.Are you willing to undergo (in principle) a training program of about 3 months sometime in the future (not yet determined; the cost will be met/subsidized)? This training program will act as a foundation course for the policy alignment and the leadership development. Please return when you are willing to participate in such a program.
6 Willingness to declare the assets. Higher levels of disclosure are needed on the Freedom Team than in a normal setting. Are you willing to disclose your source of wealth and your family's assets publicly at a later stage? Please prepare for disclosure of your assets at the appropriate time, and return.
7 Personal integrity. Do you comply with, and are willing to continue to comply with the highest standards of personal integrity? See explanation here. Please meet these criteria, and then return.

Communication skills. Have at least a Bachelor's degree and working knowledge of English as well as one Indian language (alternative demonstrations of such working knowledge would be acceptable)?

Please finish your Bachelor's degree and gain working knowledge of at least one Indian language and return. OR Demonstrate the working knowledge and understanding of the language skills for undergoing the Level-5 Leadership training. Demonstrate your working knowledge  Demonstrate your working knowOR OR de 

9 Active communication using FTI Forum. Have you gone through the Forum Guide and details of how we communicate? Do you agree to communicate actively and contribute to FTI goals using these methods? [Only in very exceptional cases do FTI members communicate over phone. Once you join it is incumbent on you to keep abreast of what is going on in FTI. It is your responsibility to read and understand these documents before joining. While FTI members will help you in the initial stages you are expected to have done your homework before applying to join FTI.
10 Have you read the SKC agenda and are in agreement with the agenda located at  http://sonekichidiya.in/ Please read the agenda and once you agree with the agenda apply to join FTI
Do you agree with all the conditions above?



If you don't agree to these conditions (and even if you do), or have some thoughts on them, the Freedom Team would appreciate your comments on how these conditions can be improved for not missing out the genuine Leaders of high intellect and integrity.

14 thoughts on “Who can join the Freedom Team of India?

  1. Hi,
    I like the group very much. The only reason I am not thinking of joining the group is Condition 2. I personally do not see myself as a forefront political candidate. I think my personality and interests in my opinion will be more suitable for policy making rather than law-making.

    Just to give my back-ground quickly, I am a Scientist and I hold a PhD in Chemistry. I am currently in the US and seriously considering relocating to India in a year.

    How can I join or participate in your group?

    Thank you.


  2. Dear Siva
    People who want to support freedom in India but not contest elections are welcome to support FTI’s activities in various forms and shapes. Some examples are provided at: http://fti.sabhlokcity.com/support-fti – and more details will be provided in the coming months. Please subscribe to our magazine to get information on such opportunities.

  3. Yours is a terrific initiative towards freedom in india. Like mind people will come forward to support and present freedom india movment,


  5. Dear Amit,

    I’d recommend you join Adharshila (http://adharshila.freedomteam.in/). Adharshila is a branch of Freedom Team of India that focuses on citizen development programs based on liberal principles. While we keep our search on for 1500 leaders it would be worth being informed on our activities and join us from the day you qualify.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am certainly moved by your candid and lucid account on youtube and appreciate your motive.However, as a group/organization standing for change , understanding the root causes of the perennial issues plaguing our nation seems indispensable.Moreover defining a framework or action plan around these root causes would definitely attract like minded people.

    Although the questions posted above could be the result of my lack of knowledge about this movement, any insights to my queries would be highly appreciated


  7. Dear sir,
                    yesterday evening i have watched your live telecast programe on sanskar tv and am very much impressed from your direction for india and society. i have completed my B.E(EC) from RGPV Bhopal. i want to join FREEDOM TEAM OF INDIA.
    Thanks and regards/-
    Dhiraj kumar dwivedi

  8. Hi,
    I was really thrilled when I first came across this website/ group that is based on Individual freedom and liberty. I was really keen on joining this group and contributing towards its growth and success, however, I am disappointed to see from the requirements table above that this group stops at Classical Liberalism and doesn't go all the way to Free market Liberalism/ anarcho-Capitalism, which is the logical extension of the concept of individual freedom and liberty to its limit. 
    In this regard, I wish to kindly suggest to you the following paper that was published in the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Volume 22 (2011): Illiberal Libertarians: Why Libertarianism is not a liberal view, and a good thing too; Reply to Samuel Freeman by Walter Block. 
    Therefore I request you to reconsider your position, however, even if you do not agree fully with my views I still wish you the very best in your endeavor to offer the people with a governance philosophy that is based on the highly superior values of individual freedom and liberty rather than the extremely fuzzy, misleading and dangerous but very  popular concepts like social justice, welfare state, etc.
    Best regards,

  9. Your application has been received and you will be contacted shortly. Please bear with us in the interim.


  10. I have not yet read about your movement. Will definitely do tht.
    But till now whatever I have come across as a process/framework to develop humans, PROUT (developed by Prabhat Ranjan Sircar) seems to be the best. If your team hasn't yet lookedat it then pls do it.

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