Draft documents of the Freedom Team

All documents of FTI remain drafts until these are finally endorsed by the full team upon its assembly. Members are not required to agree to these draft documents (even assuming that they can understand them, for these are often early drafts) and can question everything on the FTI website. FTI is completely open to discussion and change on any document on this website.

However, members will be required to AGREE with all FINAL documents. It is therefore very important for all members debate these and other documents over the coming years, so that a complete set of agreed documents can finally be published.

Inviting others to join:  Content for a possible advertisement in newspapers (Word)

FTI strategies:


Principles of coalition building (Word)

Action Plan (Word)

Resource Plan (Word)

Communication and Mobilisation strategy (Word)

The communication/ marketing strategy, media strategy, outreach strategy, leadership aspiration, etc., are currently being drafted


Core Beliefs

Policy snippets (Word)

Positions in issues (Word)

Organisational issues


Training requirements (Word)

Membership (only in Word)

General issues


Recommended economists and thinkers

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