FTI Speakers Panel

FTI greatly values the support of the following esteemed members of our Speakers Panel:

Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar Pavan Choudary | Gurcharan Das | Barun Mitra | S.V. Raju | Ramesh Ramanathan | Mohit Saytanand | Parth Shah

Who can become member of our Panel?

Eminent liberals from India who do not plan to contest elections (and hence are not eligible for FTI membership) can become members of FTI's highly selective Panel of Speakers. Membership is by invitation only. If you believe you have appropriate credentials and are interested in joining our Panel, you can write to info AT freedomteam DOT in with your details and FTI will consider your interest suitably.

How FTI speaking events are organised

Members of our Panel are required to commit, in-principle, to participating in FTI outreach activities across India, at their convenience. FTI' outreach activities currently have one single purpose: To attract new members to FTI. Speaking engagements for our Panelists can be as short as 20 minutes in an hour’s program, with other time taken by local organisers and FTI members.

Given FTI's voluntary nature and limited resources, we do not (currently) fund our Speakers’ time and travel within their own city or town. However, subject to prior arrangements, FTI can raise funds for economy travel and accommodation when our Speakers agree to attend speaking engagements elsewhere. 

Our expectations from our Speakers

The role of our Speakers is:

a) to explain why policies of liberty are important to India;

b) to explain why the approach of systematic identification and development of leaders taken by FTI is likely to yield results for India; and

c) to motivate good people to join FTI.

FTI Speakers are not required to express support for all policies of FTI, noting that FTI has not created any final policy to date.

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