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Support FTI through internet advertising

FTI actively uses Web 2.0 technologies to reach out to the target audience. Anyone can run ads on Adwords or Facebook in support of FTI. If you do so, please target your ads to the Indian audience. The following websites can be targeted for this purpose. You can, of course, invite your friends to the relevant Facebook pages/ groups.


Sponsor FTI members for leadership training/conferences

If you wish to, you can sponsor FTI members directly (ie. not through FTI) for leadership training or education, or to any conference that you think they could benefit from.


Donate books

You may consider supplying books on liberty to local FTI chapters or translating good books into local Indian languages for distribution through the FTI network. Write to info AT freedomteam DOT in if you have a question on this.


Propagate widely the message of FTI

Talk about FTI on your blog or magazine, or otherwise spread the word about FTI.

Link FTI's websites to your website or blog (if any). Here's appropriate code: 

<a href = ""><img src ="" width = 150 height = 160></a>. 

Please note that we are trying to create widgets for blogspot and wordpress, which will make it easier to get these links across the blogsphere.


Join FTI's Policy Reference Group

Eminent policy thinkers from India or abroad are welcome to join FTI's Policy Reference Group and act as a platform for FTI members to bounce ideas off. Membership is by invitation only, so you'll have to write to us with credentials – see instructions in the link above.


Join FTI support groups  


Subscribe to FTI member blogs

Meet your future political representatives on their own blogs, and debate issues with them!



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