Draft Policies of the Freedom Team

Basic Principles

FTI has agreed to a set of Basic Principles on 20 January 2010 (with some difference of opinion on a few of these). These can be read here or downloaded from the following link  Version 1.01 dated 9 October 2011.


Policy Framework

FTI has a policy framework, published on 12 August 2012,  which provides a framework for policy analysis on FTI.


Detailed Policies

In addition, FTI has agreed to the following draft policies, which have been published for public comment:

  1. Religious Freedom and Tolerance, released on 29 April 2009: for public comment | the continuing discussion on this policy within FTI
  2. Position on the Lokpal Bill, released in April 2012: for public comment
  3. Position on Electoral reforms released in October 2012: for public comment




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