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Caution!! The links below are ‘thought starters’, being links to the past efforts of some members. This material may not necessarily be found to be of use by FTI. In any event, these links do NOT necessarily represent FTI views which are currently being formulated elsewhere.

Affiliates of FTI

List of a few affiliates of FTI

Theoretical and practical writings

Breaking Free of Nehru

Chain of liberal thought

Writings at IPI | LPI

Are you a liberal?

Assumptions of a liberal

Definitions of key words

Organisational matters

The 1998 plan of action of IPI

A Free Citizen’s Declaration of Personal Sovereignty

Code of Conduct

A constitution for a potential party

Young Liberals Cell

Liberal Trade Union Federation

Youth mentoring project

Policy positions

Policy positions

Potential Cabinet decisions (blueprint)

Reference section:

On IPI | A few relevant links on – see the bottom of the page


At the Foundation for Economic Education

Principles of a Free Society (PDF)

Online resources at the Liberty Fund (The Forum)

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