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What does FTI do with donations?

The Freedom Team of India (FTI) understands the value of hard-earned money and works extremely hard to ensure that every Rupee received is used in the most efficient manner. Members of FTI are volunteers and no member is paid anything out of your donations.  Donations received are used purely to advance the objectives of the FTI Trust, primarily the cause of freedom and good governance in India.


Donate responsibly

FTI will not and does not accept any foreign donations. Only Indian citizens (whether resident of India or overseas) can donate. Foreign donations will be reported by our bank to the Reserve Bank of India under the anti-money laundering laws of India. Non-Indians can support FTI in other ways.

Note that donations to FTI do not yet qualify for 50% exemption from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. FTI has no immediate plans to seek such authorisation since it does not have resources to consistently undertake charitable activities.


How to donate

Indian Citizens residing in India: Please click here.

Indian Citizens residing outside India: Please click here.


Disclosure of FTI Accounts

Donors are welcome to inspect our accounting books, at their cost.

FTI has published its financial accounts for the past three years. They can be viewed here.



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