Freedom Family concept

(4 March, 11 March 2008)

I came across an article about evolutionary psychology today that made me think of its possible use in advancing the Freedom Team. The idea is that humans work best in small groups of up to 8  people. We prefer to work in tightly knit and well-bonded groups.

This insight has been adopted very successfully by some organisations (eg. in Flight Centre). See this PDF file to get an idea of this concept. It is based on “Managing the Human Animal” by Nigel Nicholson.

I’d like to suggest that a way forward for the Freedom Team may be to form a number of Freedom Families, each comprising of a small number of members who get to know each other well and generate competitive ideas and solutions.

Types of Freedom Families

1) A geographically located group of members can meet and kick-start a Freedom Family to discuss ideas relevant for the relevant parliamentary constituencies. 7-8 people who meet frequently and get to know each other very well would be ideal. Once the family grows then a new family can spin off.

2) Indeed, families can be set up in functional areas, eg. ‘Education Family’, ‘Health Family’, ‘Labour Market Family’, ‘Better Regulation Family‘.

3) Also on ideas for action eg. ‘Anti-corruption crusade Family’, ‘Workers representation Family’, etc.

Any member who has a particular interest in a particular area should start and lead a family. Each family should do its own strategic thinking and create its own plans. This can include setting up its own Yahoo group for better communication. It can even carry out its own actions. In that way a variety of new ideas will be generated which may be useful for others.

Families of Supporters of Freedom

Of course, only people interested in contesting elections should form part of the family; supporters can form their own ‘families’ such as Supporters of Freedom or some such thing.

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