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(1) To identify leaders committed in principle to contest elections and desirous of promoting policies of governance arising from the philosophy of classical liberalism as commonly understood (click here).  (2) To develop policies (click here) and strategies (click here) to ensure these leaders succeed in radically improving the governance of India.
To meet and work with people who:  a) believe in policies of freedom; b) abide by a stringent Code of Conduct (here); and c) are strategic and will contest elections after preparation including suitable policy and leadership development.
FTI members are also independently affiliated to a wide range of groups and associations, since they are not required to reduce focus on their current activities when they join FTI. Their affiliations and activities are provided here.  It may be noted that providing links to these associated activities does not mean that FTI necessarily endorses them.
"I want change. I believe that FTI is the channel to do that. I am tired of the hopelessness of the situation. But with FTI, it does not look that hopeless anymore."An FTI applicant

For an extensive video library on outreach events, talks, etc. by FTI members, please click here.

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