The Freedom Team’s positions on key issues

This draft document is work-in-progress

Political violence and terrorism

The Freedom Team of India condemns the following:

  • political violence against people; and/or
  • political violence against property.

The violence could originate for any reason, such as religious belief, perspectives on historical events, belief in communism and its branches.

The Freedom Team particularly condemns political parties in India which have incited and resorted to violence as a tool to excite voters and to obtain advantage in electoral politics.

The Team condemns all those who have incited or participated in such violence and continue to do so. It urges them to review and recant their violent beliefs.

The Team urges the government in India to vigorously implement the rule of law and to punish all fomenters of violence. The

Team urges everyone in India to abide by the law and to change the law that they do not agree with through democratic processes.

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