Amendment to “who should join” conditions regarding procedures to relieve FTI membership?

Following are 2 additional proposed conditions in 'who should join conditions" as per this Forum post

10. Persistence, and determination to improve FTI

The journey FTI is undertaking is extremely challenging and can take longer than you might expect at this point (of joining). A key expectation from members is persistence. Please introspect thoroughly before making a decision to join since you will need to persist in the face of considerable difficulties. Also, please be prepared for considerable discussion through the democratic process in which FTI functions. You will be expected, after joining FTI, to contribute democratically towards any necessary improvements to FTI's style, methods, and strategies 
11. Freedom to leave if FTI doesn't work for you
Should you find FTI's democratic (and seemingly complex) methods antithetical to your style and approach, your are free to leave. All resignations from FTI are accepted instantly. However, any member who leaves without a disciplinary proceeding is free to re-apply, undergoing a similar registration process to this one.

Do you agree with the 10th joining condition to the effect that FTI members must endorse (in principle) the SKC liberal agenda?

  • Yes
  • No

Total Voters: 8

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