Resource Plan

Resources Plan of the Freedom Team

This draft document is work-in-progress

To the question, “The big question still is where this money is going to come from?” a possible answer is: “Once, people identify with our mission, they will come forward.” – and that includes providing funds. The mission is not the only thing; we need to show we have the right leaders.

Milestone 1: Raise 1500 highly committed and capable members/ affiliates who are united as one, on a common goal, common platform.

Key strategy: The members we seek are found on the internet or reading English language newspapers.

Task 1. Prepare key messages and endorse them; build web page.

Task 2: Spread the message through the internet: This can be done as follows (a) Provide link to the Freedom Team page through your own web page. (b) Send out link to the page to your contacts (c) and, once ready, establish Google ads (cost: up to Rs.3,000 per month for 1 year initially: Rs. 36,000)

Task 3: Take out a major ad in Times of India and the Indian Express (cost Rs.10 lakhs??)

Task 4: Organise a couple of pre-Conventions. Members to pay for own travel and accommodation, including a contribution of about Rs. 2000 each for the venue and meals for the 2-3 days of the pre-Conventions.

Task 5: Repeat and expand this strategy till 1500 high quality people assemble. The main Convention will follow the same model of funding.

Problem for later in the year: Who will fund Google ads? Who will fund the advertisement? Members must chip in a little bit, and ask other organisations like Lok Satta, etc. to chip in. Maybe contact a few businessmen they know.

Milestone 2: Evaluate and declare a ‘Go Ahead’ for next steps

Key strategy: These 1500 people must agree to key documents. They must agree to key processes of ensuring integrity and internal elections. They must decide on a joint strategy, which could include a coalition, a loose association, or everyone joining with an existing party or association. No bank accounts to be opened, no associations to be registered unless all 1500 people are fully on board. No generic fund raising from outsiders to be contemplated until these 1500 people are ready to ‘Go!’.

Task 1. Carefully evaluate the outcome of the first two days of the (4-5 days) Convention. If it appears that people are not yet ready, that they are not willing to work as a team, not willing to pull in one direction, then do nothing. Repeat Milestone 1 again and hold another Convention until all commitments are clear and unity prevails.

Task 2. If the evaluation shows everyone is on board, everyone is united ‘as one’, then declare the signal to ‘Go Ahead’. Launch all forward plans including for fund raising and election campaigns. Having the ability to launch at least one high quality candidate in each constituency is UNPRECEDENTED in India‘s history. This act will create a significant momentum of its own in the media.

Milestone 3: Raise funds for a 3-year campaign

Key strategy: This will be a formal fund raising exercise.

National fund raising

Task 1. Launch major ads in newspapers announcing this coalition, seeking donations

Task 2. Mail out printed fund raiser to all major businesses (voluntary activity of the 1500  members)  Note: Team members to contribute or raise resources for this initial advertisement and mail out.

Task 3: Launch a web portal for receiving funds electronically from people through credit cards (Rs. 10-20 accepted).

Task 4: If at least Rs. 10 crores received by the national team (including part contributions from local fund raising), then establish a formal secretariat – potentially costing Rs. 5 crores or more over 3 years (including cost of training). Establish an internet fund receiving capability with full disclosure.

Local fund raising

Task 1: Individually meet and approach key people in each constituency to join in and to contribute funds.

Task 2. Launch local Support Groups in each constituency. Seek local donations – and share some with the national team.

Task 3. Launch major ads in local newspapers to reach out to the local constituents. Part funding by the Coalition, rest by local Freedom Family.

Task 4. Launch local language brochures and flyers and distribute. Part funding by the Coalition, rest by local Freedom Family.

Milestone 4: Raise funds for contesting elections

Key strategy: This will be launched 3 months before a national / state election

Task 1. Blitz a million businesses with printed fund raisers – objective to raise Rs.200 crores

Task 2: Local Freedom Families to meet and approach key people in each constituency for donations.

Task 3: Final budgets drawn up for each constituency. Local Freedom Family to raise at least Rs.10 lakhs each including contribution from candidate of at least Rs. 3 lakhs. Balance from central fund raising.

Task 4:  Rs. 30 lakhs made available in each constituency, including Rs. 5 lakhs prior to elections, and Rs. 25 lakhs during elections. – local funds used carefully and accounts lodged publicly, including on the Coalition website.

Task 5. Put out a full page advertisement before elections in each newspaper in India with a ‘Freedom Team Seal of Approval’ asking people to vote for the listed 550 candidates. (cost Rs. 10 crores)

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