Leadership and skills training

This draft document is work-in-progress

Members of FTI will need to successfully complete a 3-month (12 week) training course as a preliminary requirement for being approved for candidacy by the Team. Ordinarily, academics of excellence will be requested to deliver the modules. Everyone will have to undergo the 3 month training, irrespective of their existing degrees and experience or ‘status’ in the team.

Two other ways to fulfil the requirement for a particular module:

a) By developing the entire training package (syllabus, reading material, assessment methods) for a module and getting it approved by the Team.

b) By training 100 members over a period of 5 days for a particular module.

Modules (each module to be of 1 week)

To consult in developing the training modules

  • Academics from the best Indian and international universities
  • Syllabus/course content of IAS probationers during their training period

A. Theory modules

1. Freedom

  • Theory and history of Freedom
  • Implications of freedom eg.

–        tolerance and freedom

–        education and freedom, etc.

2. Basics of the market economy and economic analysis, and its limitations

3. Fundamentals of Indian law including constitutional, election law, and parliamentary law

4. Fundamentals of public administration, administrative structures, and administrative law, public finance (budgets).

  • Basics of international and strategic affairs (including defence and diplomacy)

5. Outline of Indian history including modern history

B. Leadership modules

6. Theory of leadership, including levels of leadership

–        Minimum standards on FTI

–        coaching and mentoring

7. Excellence in communication

  • writing (in two languages, one being English)
  • presentation and public speaking
  • media handling skills, eg. coaching for media interviews

8. Basics of management skills

  • basic principles of management, organizational behaviour, finance
  • project, time management, strategic management

C. Specialisation modules

9. Policy area 1 (Member to pick out of 25-30 policy areas on offer)

  • Detailed study of FTI policy and policy positions

10. Policy area 2 (Member to pick out of 25-30 policy areas on offer)

  • Detailed study of FTI policy and policy positions

11. Written assignments:

  • 3000-word essay on member’s specialization Must be converted into an article for the newspapers and made to a standard that newspapers will publish. The assessment will be complete when article published.
  • design of a 300 word flyer on his or her specialization – in English and one Indian language.

D. Field knowledge modules

12. 1-week remote rural or tribal area /semi-urban area visit and case study analysis.

  • Hands-on experience to have a understanding and appreciation of problems that people live under.
  • Exploring real case studies for alleviate those problems in line with policies and ideologies of FTI. (eg. Manushi’s efforts with street vendors in Delhi)


  • forward area attachment with the defence / paramilitary forces

– not a practical idea to expect army or paramilitary forces will allow potential candidates in elections to visit their facilities. We should invite retired officers to talk to us.

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