Aseem Trivedi case now a major milestone in India’s journey towards liberty


I'm delighted with the news on FDI. But I'm even more delighted with the stance of the Bombay High Court in the ridiculous arrest of Aseem Trivedi for "sedition".

This vicious attack by the court of the Government's case will send shivers down the spine of those who seek to destroy liberty in India.

Well done, High Court of Bombay!

I look forward to the resignation of the Police chief of Mumbai.

I sense that the time is coming when India will be ready to adopt LIBERTY as its main goal.


A division Bench of Justices D Y Chandrachud and Amjad Sayyed slammed Mumbai Police for arresting cartoonist Aseem Trivedi on "frivolous" grounds and "without application of mind", saying its action breached his freedom of speech and expression. "How can you (police) arrest people on frivolous grounds? You arrest a cartoonist and breach his liberty of freedom of speech and expression".

Trivedi's arrest was prima facie "arbitrary", the court said, "We have one Aseem Trivedi who was courageous enough to raise his voice and stand against this, but what about several others whose voices are shut by police."

The sedition law was a pre-independence provision when government wanted protection from the citizens.

"What is the government's stand now? Does it intend to drop the charge? Why did the police not apply its mind before arresting him on sedition charges," the court wanted to know.

The court said, "Today you attacked a cartoonist, tomorrow you will attack a filmmaker and then a writer. We live in a free society and everyone has freedom of speech and expression."