Current activities of the Freedom Team

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This blog provides a flavor of the activities underway on FTI. This post will be updated periodically.

  • Intense discussions are underway on policy and strategy at the FTI Google Group and FTI’s internal blogs. It is intended that these policies and strategies will be put out for public comment in the coming months.
  • Fortnightly one hour meetings take place over Skype in which a good number of members participate. These meetings are minuted for the benefit of other FTI members
  • Website development is an ongoing process, including updating, reviewing and expanding the website.
  • Preparing and updating documents like the FTI brochure keeps us busy. We are hoping to release a Draft policy and strategy kit by end-2009. We will seek public comment on each of these drafts.
  • It is expected that after draft policies are released, we will start developing detailed policy blueprints during 2010.
  • Some of us contribute to the periodic FTI magazine.
  • Internal processes and documents need a lot of effort, as well. These include things like a Trust deed to register FTI as a not-for-profit organization, membership rules, accounts maintenance processes, membership database, processes to confirm integrity of members, etc.

This is a broad general outline of the activities underway. Every member on FTI volunteers and specializes in relevant parts of this overall development. We hope to incrementally release more and more information for the public.

If you have questions, please call or write to our members listed here.

5 thoughts on “Current activities of the Freedom Team

  1. It would be great if the Freedom Team can also add to its duties traveling and acquainting itself with India. Somehow our leaders don’t take enough time to understand the diversity of India and Indians. Most leaders have only regional experiences and generalize that to their picture of what India is. What we get finally is a story of blind men and the elephant on a larger scale.

    If the leaders in the freedom team can take up field trips and do community service in different regions of the country that will be the right training ground to emerge as the next generation of real leaders. Only reading books is unfortunately not going to lead to insights and nor the connect that a political leader needs. Also, simply traveling doesn’t lead to exposure. I think the local community needs to be engaged, provoked with thought and serviced to really understand what it is about. Hopefully the 550+ districts of India can be covered amongst the leaders of Freedom Team and also the multiple communities that reside in them.

  2. Dear fellow ‘Liberal Indian’.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Some of us in FTI are already involved in grassroots activity, and have also traveled extensively (and continue to do so) at a personal level.

    We plan to take up organized grassroots activity formally as part of FTI in all constituencies of India once we reach a critical mass. We are at present trying to gather the critical mass of leaders.

    For more information on our plans, please read our brochure :

    cheers !

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