Fully support Arvind’s Citizens Lokpal. Let citizens pay for this Lokpal and let all parties use it.

FTI has a strong disciplinary process but we did not have the kind of resources (and vision, perhaps) to propose a private Lokpal.

I'm delighted to hear that Arvind has created an Internal Lokpal for his party.

I'd like to suggest that he institutionalise this Lokpal.

I dislike the idea of a government funded Lokpal. That is not independent enough.

But I like the idea of a Citizens' Lokpal that is directly funded by citizens through private donations, and the use of the services of which is entirely discretionary and optional.

The fact that the Citizens' Lokpal makes a determination of innocence should be enough to confirm someone's integrity (and vice versa). If found guilty, the Citizens' Lokpal would make a formal complaint to the Police.

This Lokpal should be converted into a Trust, and rules established around it.

This will form part of the institutional structure of Citizens' Government that I've earlier proposed.

This Lokpal should offer its services to all political groups/parties (that have paid a membership fee) and wish to get complaints against their members verified.

I'm happy to get involved in drafting the Trust Deed for such a Citizens' Lokpal. As a first step I'd like the allegations against Baba Ramdev to also be investigated (if he offers himself for such investigation).