I’m now getting really angry with Islam. Please stop the Taliban at once.

I'd like to keep on public record my deep frustration and anger at Islam – a religion that seems to have NO HUMANITY AT ALL.

My comment on Facebook:

I'm sick beyond imagination with these alleged Muslims. If this is what adherents of Islam constantly do, I'm afraid I'm going to have to consider a crusade against Islam itself. I have so far believed that Islam can co-exist with civilisation, and even be a force for good. But I'm getting nauseated, frustrated and sick to the core of my soul with Islam [with the shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai by Taliban].

I ask all followers of the alleged good Islam to go into Afghanistan/Pakistan and take it over. Arrest these Taliban and related scoundrels. Else I think there is simply no way the world will forgive Islam.


Extracts – my further comments on FB:

There is something in Islam that creates pure evil. Most religions have such an impact, but have outgrown these tendencies. Islam is becoming a really evil ideology, and I don't know what to say but to condemn whatever it is in Islam that motivates such vicious, lowly, cowardly, dastardly violence.

All religions have their “bad” parts. All have been hateful. But most have outgrown these things. The problem with Islam seems to be that it is not modernising fast enough. It will be futile and impossible to fight against Islam. It will be far better if Muslim reformers shift the debate. Either way, this whole thing is getting horrendous. Violence and Islam seem to go hand in hand. That's not good.

I am ENTIRELY with Imran when he opposes drones. It is a DEADLY CRIME against humanity to kill thousands of people with drones. And I'm not into politics here, so I don't care what Imran says or doesn't say about the Taliban's shooting little girls.

It is INCORRECT to justify one crime by citing other crimes. I thoroughly oppose ANY attempts of Muslims (or anyone) to justify Taliban's cowardly crimes by citing rapes in Haryana or anywhere else. These are contemptible facts that must be separately analysed and stopped. We are exercised with this issue on FTI and are really angry that Indian governance is so pathetic. We are DOING something to try to fix it. We may be slow but we are sure.

Finally let's not enter into debates re: anything unrelated to this issue here. I want us to demand that these rotten cowards be hanged. I want Islam to redeem itself. It has become increasingly clear to me that Islam has to reinvent itself. In DOF I've outlined many efforts to do so, but mainstream Islam is opposing such efforts. That's the problem: that Islam is unwilling to reform. There is NO reason why it can't be reformed. I totally disagree with Sharad Bailur on this. Turkey is right before our eyes, and the MILLIONS of Muslims in India, who are not engaged in any such thing.

But Pakistan is giving shelter to such criminals. Muslims must speak up with one voice and ask Pakistan to stop supporting Taliban.