Must watch: “The Boy Who Cried Warming”

I came across the release of this movie a few weeks ago but got to see it only now.

It is very good. Its treatment of the science of climate change is excellent.

Its treatment of the economics of cap and trade is not as great, though. [Indeed, its Australia section is actually incorrect.] It might have been best if the film was shortened by half to focus only on the science.

The science discussed in the movie sets in perspective the facts about the climate which have been evident to me for some time now, but are not seen in the same perspective by the vast majority of Western “policy makers”.

I believe this is a typical Western trait, of total obedience to the “official” position. That's what explains Hitler. Or even the Soviet Union of Stalin. Hitler could never have succeeded in India. Someone would have pulled him down. Or shot him.

Not so in the West. Like disciplined “soldiers”, Western policy makers have put on blinkers (like horses) and refuse to ask questions since their “orders” have been received.

I wait to see how long the West will be held to ransom by the IPCC.

Anyway, here's the link to the HD movie (you can switch off HD if you don't have broadband). Watching this is particularly important if you have so far refused to ask questions and have taken the “official” position as gospel.