Sonia Gandhi, your party is SUPER corrupt. That’s fact, not propaganda.

Sonia Gandhi is pretending innocence: “Our detractors and the opposition are bent upon spreading disinformation on political, moral and policy issues”.

She is the third person I've come across in the last two days to use the word dharma in a seriously misguided sense: “we are proud of our commitment to the interest of the common man. This commitment is our dharma“, she says.

I've STRONGLY objected to the use of the word dharma by people who indulge in corruption or otherwise fudge the truth or ignore the generation of black money. It appears that everyone is busy using this word to pretend that righteousness is theirs. Just using this word is enough. Be as criminal as you wish to be, support as many criminals as you can, and then say you are following dharma. Clever? Not.

But Sonia Gandhi either you are BLIND or you are a MEGA fool.