Tata and Infosys, the people will remember that you support ONLY the corrupt

I'm not surprised that senior executives of Tata and Infosys, etc. are happy to fund corrupt Congress and BJP (I'm not sure how much but I suspect quite a bit – let like them to declare their political funding) but not those who oppose corruption.

This is why India's socialists have been emboldened, when people like Murthy who are supposedly people of integrity, openly praise the corrupt.

What's the point of RTI if our leaders are all corrupt?

I disagree considerably with Arvind's socialist policies but I would rather see people like him funded than Congress and BJP.

The country will remember who stood on the side of the corrupt when the test came.

This is indeed the great battle of Mahabharata, and Tata and Infosys have chosen to side with the evil side.

But don't forget: it is MORAL POWER that conquers everything. And overthrows cowards and corrupt.

If I was Hindu I'd say the Dharma Yuddh has begun.

And I'm on Arvind's side even though I think many of his ideas are wrong.