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Donate money

Since inception FTI has been entirely supported by small voluntary contributions from its members. It now needs money to reach out widely to the people of India in its search for leaders. It will thereafter need funds to train and build its leaders and possibly to establish a full-time office to support its varied tasks.

Since November 2009, FTI accepts payments in Rupees from Indian citizens (including NRIs). Note that OCIs or PIOs are not eligible to contribute. Funds contributed must form part of the donor's declared income. No black money, or money sourced from corrupt or illegal activities is acceptable.


Become a member of Soné ki Chidiya Federation

FTI took the lead for the formation of an unique Federation in the history of India – Soné ki Chidiya (SKC). SKC, which is non-political in nature currently, intends to be the aggregator for citizens and various organisations across the country under a banner of liberty and good governance for India. FTI acts as the secretary of this organisation, and you can support it in multiple ways.

Join our Speakers Panel

FTI conducts various outreach events across India in search of leaders (e.g. our Indore event). We are looking for eminent liberals who are (in principle) willing to speak at these events.  Membership is by invitation only. See the link to the panel, for details.

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