Google, please pull down the obnoxious film against Mohammed. At once!!

I was very disturbed when the US Ambassador to Libya was killed recently because of a movie made by some weird, unknown person. That was wrong. Very wrong.

I am – and remain – a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and fully agree that the US government should NOT have the power to compel Google to remove the video that is causing so much grief across the world.

Instead, I'm all for self-regulation. Google should realise that by publishing this OBNOXIOUS film on youtube, it is implicitly lending its weight to the film. Publishers do become complicit (in some way) in the opinions they publish.

I urge publishers to NOT publish seriously defamatory and inflammatory material.

The so-called “movie” (I just saw snippets of it) is seriously defamatory and inflammatory. It is FALSE, OBNOXIOUS and WRONG in EVERY WAY.

Mohammed had many good qualities, and Islam has contributed enormously to human progress.

To publish such obnoxious material on Youtube is wrong.

While the US government does not have the power to ask Google to remove this video, Google should use good judgement and REMOVE this obnoxious “film” immediately.

In saying this, I totally oppose and condemn the violence that some Muslims are engaging in, but I fully understand what they are feeling.

It is WRONG to seriously distort the story of someone's highly regarded beliefs.

This is not a “movie”, but