The British still rule over India. They totally messed up Indians’ minds.

To understand India I will perhaps need help from a highly trained psychiatrist. Else I can't possibly explain the irrational responses from otherwise well educated Indians.

Whatever physical damage British rule caused India, it pales into insignificance compared to the mental damage caused.

India is defended by nuclear weapons. It has a huge and rapidly growing armed force. It will, if things go to plan, become the world's richest nation in just a few decades from now. And yet, millions of Indians shiver in primal fear at night at the thought of a “White” shopkeeper converting Indians into slaves.

The British still rule India, it appears. The British are Gabbar Singh whose name is taken to put children to sleep each night. [“In villages all around, mothers tell their kids to sleep on time at night or the dreaded dacoit Gabbar Singh will take them away.” Sholay]

The fear of conquest by Walmart (the West) is so deeply etched in the Indian subconscious mind that it impossible to get through any reasonable point through this thick dense fog.

My comments regarding the armed forces [see this and related tweets] have been entirely misconstrued by people who should have been capable of understanding my point. But this is what I got:

Cdr, Khilari (Retd) ‏@bbkhilari

@MeTalkTruth @sabhlok If statusquo of present Governance exists 4 a few more years, safe to predict unambiguous slavery 2 US/Europe/Italy! [Primal fear]

Cdr, Khilari (Retd) ‏@bbkhilari

@sabhlok @MeTalkTruth Sir, sad you dare think of Indian Armed Forces as such! They r over obedient, democratic, loyal 2 the core to Indians! [Sanjeev: Cdr. Khilari completely missed my point – like he couldn't hear what I was saying. Mind entirely closed.]

Mister India ‏@MeTalkTruth

@bbkhilari @sabhlok Indian Armed Forces are bravest on this earth. Indians salute them. How dare a person can think like in this manner ? [Sanjeev: “Mister India” completely missed my point – like he couldn't hear what I was saying. Mind entirely closed.]

Mister India ‏@MeTalkTruth

@bbkhilari @sabhlok India is allowing FDI in the year 2012. Can you imagine, forecast, predict or assume its effect in the year 2212 ? [Primal fear]

Mister India Mister India ‏@MeTalkTruth
@bbkhilari @sabhlok The effect which unfolded completely in a time span of 335 years. Can anyone predict about year 2212 today ? [Primal fear]

What was I saying, and what did people hear?

I was saying that India should NOT fear the West but engage with it for its own benefit. We should exploit trade to grow rapidly and make Indians rich. With such a brave and large armed force, why are we afraid of silly midget Walmart?

But no one heard that. Their mind was closed.

What the British have done is to mess with the minds of Indians. The British still rule India, which acts as if were (or about to become) a slave nation.

Indians are afraid of petty “White” shopkeepers [everyone is apparently intent to come to India with a gameplan to take it over once again! History keeps repeating. Endlessly.]

Indians are afraid that Indian consumers might be able to buy a cheaper product.

Indians are afraid that the Indian farmer might be able to get a higher price.

What can be done when people have inexplicable, nameless fear, dread that somehow the British are coming back from all sides.

How does reason get through? I'm stumped.

Till India overcomes its mental diseases (socialism, nameless fears, indignity to its own), it can't break out to the glory and success which its people richly deserve.

To get there they have to become mentally free first. They have to cure their mind. They have to read BFN. And understand DOF.

India became independent. But is mentally still slave to the British.